Mr. Striechman is a veteran business executive; complementor for growth and value creation in global companies and start-ups, known as a TOC (Theory of Constraints) expert amongst the leading TOC professionals in the world. He has vast working experience across diverse cultures and regions. From 2019 to present time, he has been the co-founder of TMARA INTL. TMARA finds, funds and generates New Category Market Kings (


He also is the CEO of Orot Plus, focusing on value creation and sales growth for Biomed companies with innovative solutions especially in the oncology ecosystem. Orot Plus focuses on connecting innovative solutions with significant unmet needs in cancer care (diagnostics, therapeutics, and beyond the pill) in selected geographies (EU, Asia Pacific including Japan, India, China) and the US. Since 2016, he has been the Managing Partner of  Orot -Luces (, and Oncology impact investment vehicle. With Orot-Luces he has been leading major processes: Fund vision and strategy; dealing with strategic investors (corporations) and smart private investors; sourcing and leading transactions; mentoring and hands-on work with entrepreneurs.


He also co-founded RAMS where he leads many large and complex projects in different business areas, such as health care, industrial companies, retail, services, software, consumer goods, defense and military, electronics, infrastructure, and construction, for multinational conglomerates along with medium and small size companies in different continents (India, China, US, Europe, and Israel). Mr. Striechman is based in Israel.