In modern days families are focused on impact, knowing that the best way to perpetuate wealth is by enhancing the lives of others. Beacon Capital understands that impact investing promotes positive social and/or environmental initiatives. Families who are focused on social impact, reward the next generations with the gift of enhancing the lives of others; a true legacy

Life Sciences & Biologics Manufacturing

Promising research and development of therapeutics transforming the way we treat and cure illness. Our social impact model was designed to transform and accelerate pharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing aiming to stay in tune with the pulse of novel drug development and personalized therapies


Financial Services

Banking & insurance, Micro-Financing of SMEs and banking solutions for lower-income demographics

Fine Art & High Fashion

Improving access to Fine Arts and Fashion via cultural events and educational programs


Technology holds the key to improving lives all over the globe through the application of  5G,  AI, and mobile apps for the purpose of education & health


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